Herelink Antenna

Im waiting for my Hearlink unit to arrive (any updates?). In the mean time could I please have some accurate dimensions for the antennas. They seem quite large. I want to 3D print some clips.
I understand it may be possible to remove the covers from the antenna to reveal a much smaller unit.
Any info / Pics would be helpful.


Hi Vince,

Antenna is : 105 x 30 x 6mm

Note : Total thickness is 7mm with the double sided tape foam

Thanks Julien. Does it look like the case will come off easily?

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As easy than the guaranty :wink:

It basically looks like 2 injection molded parts clipped together.
Why would you remove the housing ?

Cover is easy to remove, but the tuning is with the cover on…

I may be an option for me to incorporate the antennas into the printed legs rather that stick them to the outside.

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Did you manage to remove the plastic cover of the antenna ?
Or do you know a provider of lighter antennas ?

The covers do come off but may snap off some plastic internal pins. The PCB inside is not much smaller than the cover so I decided to leave the covers on and print some legs with clips on.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
The issue is that the antenna is too big and heavy for our drone. So we need either to remove the plastic casing and cut the PCB or to find another antenna.

  • Do you know a provider of an equivalent smaller and lighter antenna ?

I don’t know of any but I believe it’s 2.4Ghz so there should be a lot of things available, perhaps even with the Herelink style coax connector.

Thanks, what is the exact name of the Herelink antenna connector ? What I know is that it isn’t an uFL connector such as here.

Open the antennas and cut off the excess PCB, you will have 1 small antenna pair

You should be looking for a MMCX Male Plug.

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