Herelink as COM´s only

Hi, I would like to use the Herelink as com´s only, running latest QGC (v4.0.x) on our Linux flightcontrol station. On here, all missionplanning and manual control will take place with our special joysticks. Am I correct with the assuption that as long as Herelink and PC are connected, the QGC version on the PC does not matter, meaing Herelink will only work as a relay of data? It does not matter what version QGC is installed on the Herelink?

I know wifi hotspot works, but is there another more secure way, like usb tethering or network connection that would work for this?

#Michael Oborne

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you are correct
to use the link just as com’s you don’t need to start any app on the GCS unit, you do need to enable the video sharing.
info can be found here
this gives you the guide on how to get mavlink data and video data.

this can be used via usb or wifi, the process is the same. you will need to use the ip address associated with the correct method however.

I’m excited to try this out!!