Herelink as pass-thru for arbitrary data

We’re interested to deploy Herelink as an agnostic robot controller that is not drone specific.

Are we able to use the wireless link to pass any arbitrary data between the controller and receiver?

It appears that this is ethernet enabled? Is the existing ethernet packet design and process for interacting with the wireless link documented?

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The herelink will act as a transparent bridge for any ethernet traffic.

Ethernet into the air unit
USB eth dongle into the GCS unit. And any traffic in one end appears on the other

Interacting with the air unit is possible, but mainly via Mavlink.

Depends on what you require

It’s possible to route as well if needed.

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Excellent update.

Is there any more detailed documentation on this? Is there a port associated with sending data down the link? A specific Ethernet format?

Mavlink is just serial with some wrappers right? We’d prefer not to have to use mavlink because we aren’t sending those specific drone related data packets…

Our main concern is audio. Is audio already included in the rtsp for the video?

We’ve been going down this same path with the mk32 for siyi. No one is supporting audio?? We all need it. :crazy_face:

Thanks for your help. Herelink is sounding better and better.

Is there any more detailed documentation on this? Is there a port associated with sending data down the link? A specific Ethernet format? “ethernet” is the answer. its a layer 2 bridge.

you dont need to touch mavlink if your not using the onboard uart. (assuming all your traffic is ethernet)

no, currently there is no audio input on the air unit.

i do have some custom modifications to add a usb audio adapter on the air unit however, that has been tested. but this is not in any public area. as there is a need to a otg cable and usb audio adapter to work.

was your need one way audio? or 2 way?

This is making more sense.

Ultimately we need two way audio.

I’d be interested to know about this usb audio adapter.

Otherwise I assume we would likely pursue an SBC that handles the audio and made it available on the network…then customize the controller side app to get that audio out the speakers…and vice versa for the other direction with the Android device sending audio down, extracting it and getting it to a speaker on the robot side.

@ajlapp Did you get any further with implementing 2-way audio via Herelink?

We have a application where we are looking to implement 2-way audio via the Herelink architecture. I guess there probably isn’t a simpler method than using a SBC on the air unit, to handle mic input and speaker output.

  • I would be interested to know if the HDMI input on air units support audio also? For a simple 1-way audio.
  • If HDMI does support audio, does this handled on controller on played through controller speaker?

the HDMI input doesn’t support audio. i.e. its not physically connected.

the method I describe above is using a usb sound device to play and record audio

@Michael_Oborne Thankyou for the feedback.

Regarding the usb audio adapter on the air unit what is the state of this and are you able to share details of this?

Is there a better method of support regarding specific functionality of Herelink system and whether it is supported standard, or whether there it is planned to support in near future and/or whether there are options to help develop specific functionality into the firmware? Other than on here?

We are looking for a suitable product to use in our OEM robotic product that we require C&C, telemetry, 2 video feeds and 2-way audio. As we are projecting 100-200 units per year we want to validate and make sure we are using the right product.

Can you confirm whether the controller MIC and speaker is connected and supported by the Android platform, i.e so we can access in custom Android App? I am thinking at a minimum we can then connect a custom SBC on the air unit that handles the MIC / Speaker on the air unit and we can pipe audio between or use existing platforms i.e TalkKonnect/Mumble etc