Herelink battery level

Seemingly silly to ask, but when using Solex, is there a battery level indicator for the Herelink hand set itself? Is it on the Solex GUI display someplace??

We had a lost link event while the drone was about a mile out when the HereLink hand set battery went dead. The drone did a successful RTL from default settings thank God.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, of course? Just swipe from top of the screen where you see all the notifications, there you can see the battery level. :blush::blush::wink::wink:

For Solex, battery percentage should be at the top-right corner Volts: --
For QGC, switch the dropdown box to Values column. Click the gear icon. Swipe down to Battery and check what do you want to show in the Value dropdown box.
As long as you have correctly setup the voltage sense in autopilot, the value should be shown correctly.