Herelink Beta button issue


I have successfully updated to latest Firmware everything seems to function as it should except the ABCD buttons I can map them to the flight modes in qgroundcontrol and can see the function on the screen when pressed but there is no output they were working before the beta update

I can select the flight modes using the drop down Menu with no issues the aircraft is setup as quadplane

There should be a warning/pop up explaining this.
Flight modes should always be mapped to Mavlink command buttons and not Sbus. Because sbus can be changed unintentionally when the remote reboot/app crashed.

Same problem here. I can allocate flight modes to the buttons in QGC but pressing them does not change the flight modes.

The buttons are mapped in QGC following the guidance in Configure Modes & Mavlink Buttons

This has also been seen by others and is being looked into.

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Hi Ian, any updates on this?

I am running the latest firmware on Herelink. Button presses while running Solex TX will not activate any Q_* modes nor will the drop down menu (it displays “err==4”). Regular plane modes activate just fine.

I can activate/change Q_* modes in Mission Planner and QGC will allow button presses for mode changes as well.