Herelink Blue Connection Issues

I have two Herelink Blue systems that I have installed on two frames where we previously used HL Black systems. I have updated the controller, air unit, and Cube Blue to the latest Ardu firmware; everything appears to operate normally.

However, I have noticed that the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection is weak on both units, even when positioned next to the router. I have checked that both are set up with the correct USA region specified, but I cannot determine why the connection is so poor. Other devices on this 5 GHz system work fine and show a strong signal. The previous HL Black systems operated fine on the 2.4 GHz band.

In addition to the 5 GHz issue, one of the drones seems to lose the telemetry link to the controller while flying at the same distances that we flew with the HL Black. When doing the upgrade, I did not replace the existing HL antennas on the drones with the new ones provided, as I assumed they were identical.

Along with the connection issues, the version of QGC that comes pre-installed on the unit (as well as the updated version) routinely report “connection lost” while operating. This is presumably a result of the poor 5GHz WiFi connection and happens regardless of how close the controller is to the 5GHz signal source. Has anybody else experienced these issues? Are there any work arounds?