Herelink Button C, D and Home not working on SBUS

Hi all,

I am trying to setup my flight modes on SBUS and I have set it according to the manual. From the Flight Mode page in Mission Planner, the buttons corresponds to its assigned PWM accordingly and highlighted the selected flight mode. The flight mode changes for button A (alt hold) and B (poshold), but it does not change for button c (auto), button d (brake) and Home (RTL). Once again, the flight mode was highlighted but the mode did not change.

I initially thought i could not engage them because of GPS, but i configured it to button A and it works.

Here is my SBUS setup on the herelink for your reference. Hope to get some help and ideas for you guys. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Same problem, how did you solve this ?


It is still unresolved.

Sad, I think I’ll use this set just as VTX and telemetry…

by herelink documentation…

they recommend do not setup the channels mode by sbus. there are in herelink qground control the specific button settings to flight modes by mavlink buttons