Herelink button settings to control camera gimbal movement


Then having a challenge trying to set up wheel and camera button for camera yaw and pitch respectively. I am able to get The wheel and the camera button to respond to the movement by setting The switch to momentary or toggle and selecting the appropriate channel and PWM. My problem is when I attempt to control the movement with the wheel and camera button. I am getting a full swing of the gimbal movement from one extreme end to the other. How do I set it up the button so that when I release either the camera button or the wheel the gimbal position stays put without swinging from one extreme right or left position the yaw and the up and down for for the pitch?


Hi Mike,

I think you should provide more detail on the gimbal board and the way you have it connected to the HereLink. If it is a BaseCam 32 bit unit and you connected it via the serial port of youre flight controller I might be able to provide some input.

Anyhow, I think you need to use 2 Buttons to control the gimbal.


Nothing special:

Storm32 BGC 32Bit 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Motor Controller

3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer Mount Stand with 3 Motors for Sony NEX ILDC

I was able to setup and map the wheel to toggle the gimbal from left to right (YAW), and the camera button to toggle up and down (PITCH) with in herelink. I cannot position and freeze the motion. When I use either the wheel or the camera button to toggle the function it goes in full rotation from One Direction to the other. 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer Mount Stand with 3 Motors for Sony NEX ILDC

How do I setup ro use the wheel and the camera button to step position the camera’s yaw and pitch angles?


Do you mean you want to have the wheel and button controlling the increment/decrement instead of its actual position?

As far as I know ardupilot don’t allow you to do this because the gimbal control is similar to PWM passthrough.

Using button to toggle and switch between 2 ends should be fine. By this method it shall stay at its latest position

I think you should connect the Storm to a serial port of your flight controller and then use the serial or Mavlink protocol to move the gimbal. You have to use the angle option, I think (did not work with these boards for some time, but they are great, especially the NT protocol!).

Maybe there is an option to switch between pitch and yaw by toggeling another channel. But I do not know, you have to look for that (probably by using scripting?). If not you will have to use two HereLink buttons and configure them as multi buttons..