Herelink button to control 2 servo outputs?

Hi all
Can one button lets say button C control 2 different servo outputs? I have a plane that has flaps for landing as well as landing lights. Both use different PWMs and was wondering if I can set it up so I dont have to have a button for the lights and another button for the flaps. This will give me a free button for another use. Is this possible or is this something in future updates?

I think that might be possible using lua scripting. You could also use relative altitude to activate the landing lights.

I was thinking the lights will switch on once the flaps are fully down and switch off once flaps are up. Not when the button is pressed. This will give me an indication of the flaps position assuming everything is mechanically working

Yes, it is quite easy using


I think it should work approximately like this, but it is not tested:

  function landinglights ()
       if SRV_Channels:get_output_pwm(x) > 1900 then -- x is the channel number
            servo.set_output (function_number, 1900) -- (function_number e.g. 94 must be assigned to the output channel within Arducopter) or if relay  
            servo.set_output (function_number, 1000) -- or if relay
     return landinglights, 1000
return landinglights, 1000

Thanks alot. Will look into that!

Looking to hire a programmer for my Tarot drone and herelink Transmitter. I am based out of the Dallas area. Can someone please help me. Thanks,

What do you need Jaime ?