Herelink buttons don't always change mode

I am using a HereLink Blue with short and long presses on buttons A-C set to various modes. With this setup, a short press on A switches to LOITER and a long press on C switches to GUIDED. This works as expected until another method is used to change the FCS mode. For example:

  1. Short-press on button A → ArduPilot switches to Loiter mode
  2. Select Guided in QGroundControl mode dropdown menu → ArduPilot switches to Guided mode
  3. Short-press on button A → ArduPilot mode remains in Guided when it is expected to have switched to Loiter
    Is there any way to fix this so that the buttons always switch to the mode they were assigned?

That’s because you have set up the modes on Channel 5 and Channel 5 hasn’t moved when you selected Guided. You should disable the use of Channel 5 and set you flight modes using the Mavlink buttons then all will be golden