Herelink camera control

We are looking at using herelink with a zoom camera gimbal. I really like the Herelink but one problem is the amount of control buttons / scroll wheel.

How hard would it be to use the joysticks for flying then, press a buttton and swap joysticks to camera control. Is it even possible? @philip @sidbh

Joystick control is now separate to the RC sticks for safety reasons I believe. You want to be looking at controlling the gimbal via another RC or via the buttons really.

Having the gimbal take over stick control is not ideal from a safety or practical point of view.

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My solution was a teensy microcontroller witch some code which made the gimbal and the camera MAVLink compatible,then wrote a plugin in Mission Planner to control the gimbal and the camera via MAVLink (Not RC_OVERRIDE) with an XBOX controller :smiley: An using mission planner via the Wifi hotspot of the Herelink

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I see people have been using herelink with onscreen zoom functions in qgroundcontrol with ardupilot is there no way this can be done with px4