Herelink camera control

We are looking at using herelink with a zoom camera gimbal. I really like the Herelink but one problem is the amount of control buttons / scroll wheel.

How hard would it be to use the joysticks for flying then, press a buttton and swap joysticks to camera control. Is it even possible? @philip @sidbh

Joystick control is now separate to the RC sticks for safety reasons I believe. You want to be looking at controlling the gimbal via another RC or via the buttons really.

Having the gimbal take over stick control is not ideal from a safety or practical point of view.

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My solution was a teensy microcontroller witch some code which made the gimbal and the camera MAVLink compatible,then wrote a plugin in Mission Planner to control the gimbal and the camera via MAVLink (Not RC_OVERRIDE) with an XBOX controller :smiley: An using mission planner via the Wifi hotspot of the Herelink

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I see people have been using herelink with onscreen zoom functions in qgroundcontrol with ardupilot is there no way this can be done with px4

Sorry to revive this topic, but I think this place will be most helpful for users searching for camera control via Herelink. There is new application for the Herelink where all the camera exposure values, triggering and etc. (including requested zoom) can be controlled via on-screen menus. MavCam does all the camera control via MavLink (no SBUS needed). As overlay app can work with any drone-control application - QGC / Solex or MissionPlanner.

Here are videos and details:


How’s this going Ilja?

Can I go ahead and install with the latest Beta firmware?

It is fully working and maintained. All is tested on latest HereLink beta firmware (yesterday latest beta turned to stable and this we’ve not tested yet, but I do not expect any problems).
Download latest MavCam for HereLink 1.1 at:

There are some new features about geotagging and also about UI. Camera control commands are also more reliable.

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