Herelink - Camera Trigger Button / Relay Setup

Hi Guys,

Im having trouble working out how to configure a button on the herelink to trigger the camera output as a relay ( i believe the top right button doesn’t work so tried to configure A,B, C or D to do this instead, but also dont see an option for relay or camera trigger there… Trying to get it working on the herelink with QGC.

Would anyone be able to walk me through the exact setup steps of how to get a button configured for camera trigger on the herelink and also the setup configuration for the cube-black. I am using AUX6 for the port to setup.

Thanks very much everyone for the help. Cheers

Map the chosen button to Say Aux 6 in Solex via the config. Set the single press value to the trigger PWM you want.

Map then the long press to the lower value pwm you want. M
Connect trigger to Aux 6 on autopilot.

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That sounds like the solution. I have not been able to get the Trigger button to work but I think this is a known issue.