Herelink cannot register device after firmware update

I’ve followed the various threads and FAQ to no avail, key seems good yet I get ‘Cannot Register your device’ every time I try system update.

IP is so outside .0.n subnet
5ghz oks and it does connect to the server - I know this as if I’m on another network with .0.n subnet it cant connect to the server, key is oks as it tells me if I miss a - etc?
Time and zone fine - it gets that from the wifi oks.

One wonders why we cant flash these using an SD - where I plan to use these systems there wont be any decent Mobile 4/5G or fixed Internet available most of the time, how the heck are we meant to update these systems out in the field?


@Michael_Oborne @philip
Any ideas chaps?

  • do I need a new key or maybe the server needs my previous serial erasing?
    Currently looking at a fancy door stop and I’ve already got way too many of those about!

I was sent a new serial by 3dxr and its now running updates, finger crossed!

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