Herelink channel 8 to 1000pwm


Trying to get a motor interlock issue to resolve on a helicopter by mapping channel 8 to 1000 - 2000pwm.
In the new radio setup i can only go down to 1100pwm. I thought you might also be able to just set this up in QGC but i cant seem to find servos linked to buttons.

Can anyone walk me through how to setup the herelink throttle / RSC for a helicopter using a Castle Creations ESC for a governor. If i can just get it to arm and throttle to work the rest i have had running.

Many Thanks

Would anyone be able to help how to lower Active value for channel 8 below 1100pwm on there herelink.

I presume i cant arm the helicopter because its above 1000pwm


Connect to Mission planner via UDP and try changing.

Hi Mallikarjun,

Tried it there and from the radio calibration screen it will only show 1100pwm even if you go into the servo output page and set it to 1000 for min and trim.

Also even when activating channel 8 button to go to 2000pwm on the radio it will not change in the servo output screen only the Radio Calibration value will go up to 2000pwm.

Have you followed the setup here

Hi Ian,

Yes i have tried many times to get this working. Im still having 2 issues when trying to arm getting these errors and i dont know if its related to the herelink not going down to 1000pwm on channel 8 or not.

1.Prearm: Heli motors checks failed
2.Prearm: H_RSC_SETPOINT out of range ( but its 700 which should be 70% throttle )

Ive attached my para file would you Please be able to have a look and see what could be going wrong. Many Thanks (5.2 KB)