Herelink Clone(?): Echosky Mobile

I was chatting with a local shop recently about Ardupilot and pixhawk and they told me about a new quadcopter to be released that uses the cube. The company is WattsInovations and the unreleased drone platform is named Prism.

Not a lot of details on the website but I found it interesting that they have a ground station that is essentially a Herelink without the extra programmable buttons or a CP antenna. It’s running what they call “WattsQGC” that appears to be the QGroundControl app renamed for whatever reason.

I’m guessing we will be seeing more of these types of products in the not too distant future. This is the second clone I’ve heard of. I also hadn’t heard of the company before this but maybe others have, just thought the clone was interesting.

I found the actual version of this ground station, it’s called “Etlas Mobile” made by MMCUAV in china:

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hdmi out …

Interesting. So it’s a rebranded product out of China.

Yup it seems so. Not sure why, my guess is to maybe try to get around legal limitations surrounding chinese-based UAS components in the US, but I doubt simply renaming a product out of china would actually count.

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Only time will tell

Today I have seen Etlas Mobile II - seems next generation of Herelink ??