Herelink communication 4G


I am working on a Rover project and I am looking for a 4G communication solution.

Today, the solutions I have found require going through a proprietary server.

Would it be possible to have a solution that would use two SIM cards, one in the ground station and one in the Air Unit (like a telephone conversation between two GSM), which would no longer be dependent on an external service provider?

I don’t think this would work. Someone had tried this before but didn’t success.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t have the skills to make this type of setup.

As a manufacturer, maybe it might be an idea to have this kind of setup for future Herelinks ?
Compared to the current radio system, this would make it possible to overcome technical problems linked to the distances and reliefs of the terrain, as well as regulatory problems according to the laws of the various countries.

What do you think ?

In theory this is possible if you are a Linux expert… but the modem you use must have appropriate drivers already in herelink, which I don’t know if they are.

Thank you for your response Philip

I don’t have the skills to do this.

Maybe if the CubePilot team plans a future Herlink 2, they could have this feature in 4G / 5G?

What do you think ?

UAV matrix has a solution that could work for what you are trying to do. You would need a companion computer and a cellular modem on the vehicle. I tried it with a raspberry pi 0 w and a Telcel modem and got it to work before.


I have some queries about the Uav matrix and as you said you used it with vehicle so I think you are experienced and can help me a bit with it.

These are the queries :-

  1. What will happen if the 4g link goes or breaks ? Will the drone RTL ?
  2. If the drone will RTL, will the drone RTL in as obstacle avoidance enabled as I already have teraranger evo tower enabled and configured through mission planner and thinking to use q ground control with the uav matrix so I do not know if the configured settings in mission planner be also used with qgc ??
  3. Is your product compatible in India and with India cellular networks ?
  4. I read through all the docs from your website uavmatrix but have some doubts regarding that too. The doubt is that if I connect the raspberry pi to my pixhawk cube orange through USB to micro USB port to cube orange so what settings to do in mission planner. I am not talking about the baud rate settings or port settings. I am asking about that should I set the micro USB port protocol to mavlink 1 or mavlink 2 ?
  5. another thing is that already my Telem 1 is utilised with herelink or mavlink 1 and Telem 2 is utilised with mavlink 2 so can I still use your product because both the mavlink ports 1 and 2 are used ?
  6. If I connect the raspberry pi through the micro USB port then next time if I need to change something in mission planner, then what to do ? If I want to update cube orange mission planner, change parameter in mission planner, et then should I unplug the raspberry pi from micro USB ?
  7. How can I control my alexmos simple bgc gimbal through 4g and qgc ? Is it possible ?


The UAVMatrix system remains a proprietary system like what SkyDrone offers for example.

What it would be nice is to have a Herelink equipped with a 4G or 5G sim card and an Air Unit equipped with another 4G or 5G SIM card.

You can make FaceTime calls, this must be technically possible !?

This would provide a simple and elegant installation

@Biswajeet , the UAV matrix is for maintaining a link between the GCS and the FC via cellular network. It does not change any other parameters or behavior. It should work with either Mavlink 1 or 2 protocols.

I would have suggested to give that feedback to the Herelink team, though it looks like they’ve seen it and responded to you already.


Mavlink 1 is already in use with telemetry 1 port on cube. It is used for herelink communication.
Mavlink 2 i also already in use with telemetry 2 port o cube orange and is used with telemetry 2 port for connecting air commander.

Now what to do ? Is it still possible to use the uav matrix because mav 1 and mav2 are already used as mentioned above.

I succeded in connecting a 4H HUAWEI 3372 modem directly to OTG port of air unit
I’m just stuck on bridge config into air unit that directly bind eth0 to virtual lan (vxlan) of HL link between air and remote units : I put all my work in that thread : Usb_modeswitch on air unit
if any one have skills into interface configuration I’m hearing you