Herelink connection problem



Hello, I am having problems with the Herelink Air module:

  • Can not communicate between the AIR module and the GROUND module after the first pairing

  • The communication seems to be possible after 6 to 12 hours for only once. After disconnection of the power supply, no more communication possible except waiting for a delay of 6 to 12 hours.

  • The leds of the Air module take almost 10 seconds to light up after connection of the power supply (during this lapse of time, the power consumption of the module oscillates between 100 and 350 mW).

  • The update of the Air module is impossible. Once the USB is plugged in, powering up with an external power supply causes a continuous beep that is characteristic of an electrical problem.

  • Note that the update of the ground module does not go all the way. There must be, I think, a loop testing the firmware version and, in case of unnecessary update, the script stops without any information.

I think of an electrical problem of the air module power supply???



How many voltage are you applying on the air unit?


i use regulated 12 V from the PMU. (PMU Pro from Drotek)
I also try directly from a 3S liPo battery.
For information, i have already mount a herelink module with the same PMU without any problem.