HereLink continuously ready for update but System up to date


My HereLink remote is showing System Updates window (after re-start) but after pressing the Check for update, it keep telling me that System up to date without any other option. I cannot proceed to any other window. The behavior is the same after lot of re-starts.
Current version is BRU01210730

Any guidance will be appriciated.

Thank you.

That version is the latest firmware.

You cannot use the Herelink unit?

I couldn’t use the remote at all however after playing around all available setup I found that home app was set by default to System Updates. I changed it to Herelink Launcher and now everything is working correctly. I’m not sure why the remote kept asking for update although it was updated without any option to continue however it’s working now so I’m fine.

Thank you for your respond.

did I understand wrongly? I am wondering why the updater rolls back the update.
I believe the last six digits are the date of release in the version numbers FRU01220618 and BRU01211104.

From the android system about the phone, I see BRU01211104.
Can a developer enlighten me?

please provide a adb bugreport.

Steps correct?

So I am correct that the last six digits are the dates of the release and the updater roll back the latest version to previous version.

Updated trough flashing tool
I have the same issue. (or at least very similar issue)
Current: FRU01220618
Latest: BRU01211104

There are no applications - Solex, QGC etc on the current version.
Not possible to change the home application (the only option is a system UPDATE )

When trying to update to the latest, the update doesn’t complete.
At around 7% update stops downloading and start to verify the package and app goes into not responding state.

Help, that to do?
why applications are missing?

Update: It seems that I had an issue with 5.8ghz connection. On different router, it was possible to update Herelink to at least beta version.


Current: FRU01220618 (factory image)
Latest: BRU01211104

this is correct.

the factory image is newer than the Latest image, and is currently by design.

the factory image has no ability to link to an air unit, and is what ships on a brand new unit.

on second thought I cannot agree with it.
other users may be able to buy the explanation. As a black box user, I cannot visualize it.

the factory image is newer than the stable release. agreed.
stable is that, stable.
factory is newer as there are more devices supported, which haven’t been pushed to stable yet.

we will soon push a new stable, once it has passed all the validation requirements, and at that point will likely be the same kernel