Herelink Control Output Notchy

Finally setting up the Herelink with the Cube Orange and I noticed that motor control was not linear and responded ‘notchy.’ That’s the best way I can describe it.

While looking through the settings on the Herelink controller and in GCS, I noticed this under the radio tab. You can see PWM outputs flashing at what looks like 1Hz and the control outputs seems to match that refresh rate.

Any ideas what could cause this and what the fix might be? Here’s a video link showing the problem.

it likely is 1hz,

dont use QGC as your testbed for this, as this is feed as part of the requested telemetry feeds

herelink send the sticks, the autopilot decodes it, then converts it to mavlink to send back to the GCS. and the autopilot is only sending it at 1hz.

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Try the usb on the fc then go to radio calibration on missionPlanner. Serial 0 has higher hz rates on mavlink