Herelink Control Sticks on software


Is it possible to obtain the stickers state on code? I would like to have access to that information to allow to control a custom app with them.

Edit: they are not opened

Hi Alvin,

Thanks a lot for your comment. However, I could not find where exactly QGC is receiving the commands inputs.

Furthermore, do you have (or have knowledge of) any examples in ionic (javascript) or Android (Java)?

Sorry for the incorrect information, the joysticks are handled in the Herelink settings app, and also RC service. The code is not open.

There is no need for a custom app to do this as it runs in the background of all Herelinks.

The sticks send directly to the drone without any involvement of the gcs app.

This is for safety.

However, they are available as standard Android joysticks if you need feedback from them but that shouldn’t be used for control

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Our drone can be controlled via 4G, by a Cloud platform. For that reason we want to allow direct control of the UAV ( via Herelink -> air unit) or 4G if the drone is out of range. All the data telemetry and video data is also stream to the RC.

Any exemple on accessing the joysticks in Android?

@philip can you point me to any example source code/example?