HereLink Control Zoom Camera


I need a litle help with this

This camera has this funcions

-Pan Mode

I already set up the remote, but im missing some buttons to control all the funcions. For example, the zoom… Im using the wheel to control the Tilt, but the zoom? and the same with the Pan. Can I use a button to change the wheel function for example?

As always, I appreciate your help!


@philip @Anubis Hey guys, can ypu give ma a hand with this?


I don’t have any experience with the HereLink. The problem is that it doesn’t have enough buttons/wheels? The only solution I can think of is to use use a different TX. Or use two TXes - one to control the drone and one to control the gimbal.

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Thanks, thats right, no enought wheels.

The idea is to use the same remote…


I just stumbled onto this thread. There are lots of options.

  1. Setup herelink existing buttons to control the gimbal (lose the buttons for other functions).
  2. Connect a bluetooth or USB (using USB OTG adapter) controller to add more buttons
  3. Add a companion computer or second herelink controller