Herelink Controller antenna angle

I have a brand new Herelink and the omni antenna mount orientation seems “special”.

It does not stand vertically 90 degrees and only rotates inward. The right-hand side connection looks consistent with photos of other units. Both of the mini BNC connections on the controller are oriented the same direction when viewed from the top (see photos below). I believe the left-hand side connection is off by about 90 degrees be it the controller or the antenna.

Can someone confirm if the antenna is wonky or if the connection on the controller is not oriented correctly by comparing with their unit?

Thanks in advance!

-Vertical position

-Rotated position

Connection photos:

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Thank you Sven.

It appears that the connector of the omni antenna on my unit is out of alignment. I am not brave enough to try and twist the fitting on a new antenna nor do I know if that would solve the problem or break it.

I don’t think that it will impact performance too much, though I like to at least start out with a clean slate then complicate things on my own free will. :sunglasses:

@philip @Julien @MadRC is this just a friction fit for the BNC connector in the manufacturing process? Thoughts on a resolution other than sending the Herelink back for replacement?


i had a look on mine, and they seems to be pretty much the same…
What is wrong with these ones ?

Hi Julien,

Thanks for the reply. The issue is that on this set only one antenna rotates outward whereas herelink unit photos I’ve seen both antennas rotate outward. I did see in your herelink video the orientation is the consistent with mine. The unit bobby watts has in his video, however, is consistent with herelink product pages.

It seems that not all units are the same and perhaps this production run version has a mistake?

I’d assume that the antennas would rotate outward like the product pages show. While I don’t think it impacts performance, I was just not expecting this and tbh was a little put off thinking my unit was defective right out of the box. Now it’s just more of a curiosity.
The omni antenna is 90° out of alignment, it cannot rotate outward. Only movements in quadrants 2 and 4 are possible.

I think it doesn’t have any impact on performances. Some antennas can have little differences that can modify the min and max angle (probably due to assembly process)
Below my personal Herelink min and max limits, you can see that the omni is limited to vertical and can’t go on the outward side (it’s very similar to yours)

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Thanks Julien.

I’ll probably just swap positions of the omni and directional antenna since there’s no reason to swing the directional antenna side-to-side.


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