Herelink controller as Windows HID device

is there a way to use the Herelink controller as a windows HID device?
Would be nice for using it for SITL simulations.

I guess it’s not possible, but no harm in asking…


i happen to have some code that makes the herelink act as a limited xbox 360 controller. its not ready for public release though

Hi @Michael_Oborne,
hmm, I am not sure if acting as a xbox 360 controller would make it work with a Windows flight sim. Do you know if the code would make it show up as a HID device?
I’d be happy to act as a tester for any code!

yes, appears as a usb hid device and a joystick uner windows, and has been “tested” with realflight

Hey Michael Oborne.

I would like to test that out. Im currently looking for a “long range joystick” for my control station. and this could be a option for me.

one quick quistion. is it possible to connect the airunit and herelink running as a " joystick" in Qgroundcontrol?

Hi @MBVJdev1 , I would also like to test that code. Meanwhile, I found this video:

It seems that there’s definitely a way to turn rc signal into Windows HDI input if you’re willing to do a few things like solder wires to a microphone jack, or connect a receiver to an Arduino. Have a look!

I’m playing around with it now but doesn’t seem to work with the Airunit via its Sbus1 signal. but defiantly a possible solution if i can get it up and working.

@MBVJdev1 , make sure you take the correct one of the two sbus cables, I seem to remember that for some reason only one of them works…
Which route from the video are you trying?

i might be doing it wrong, the airunit is connected to my pc via a FTDI and running the Vjoy as showd in the video, and the Sbus 1 signal is set to RX. any help would be super

@MBVJdev1 , I will be looking into this over the weekend or next week and get back to you with any insights gained!

thanks alot m8 ill keep working with it to see if i finde a way around it any way

ive added the alpha build here

you need to put the herelink in dual operator mode for it to see the windows machine, and they both need to be on the same wifi, ie comms is via wifi, not usb

Hi @Michael_Oborne , are you saying the Herelink needs to be connected to the Windows machine via Wifi rather than USB cable?
That’ll be difficult in my case as my home wifi is in 2.4 GHz only, I don’t think I can use Herelink and wifi in parallel :frowning:

the design goal was to be wireless.

so yes wifi for everything.

you could try usb tethering, but its 100% untested from my side

@Michael_Oborne Should the Herelink be in Main or slave mode? This is awesome. Thank you for developing and sharing this

slave. there herelink needs to send the rc data to the pc.

brief instructions are here

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