Herelink Controller Joysticks Calibrating Incorrectly

I have a rover using a Pixhawk 6C and had everything working mostly correct a couple of days ago. I went into the Herelink settings to set the throttle output to zero at center of the stick and that’s where my issues started.

I flipped the reverse icon on a few of the joystick outputs and that seems to cause a bug where my joystick outputs are now mapped to different channels. For example, my throttle joystick is now mapped to channel 4, regardless of mode setting (1-4).

The main issue I am having currently is that the joystick directions appear to be rotated 90 degrees to the input. Images are attached.

I just flashed both my controller and air unit to the latest firmware but nothing has changed.

Has this happened to any of you? Any ideas on how to fix it?
Thank you!

EDIT: I restarted the device and changing modes does switch the throttle to channel 1. All other issues are the same still.

Hetelink has its own defects. I too had my esc motors whete the cc and ccw got interchanged. .
Where did you upload the latest Herelink firmware .


I uploaded the firmware to the Herelink controller via the micro usb cable using the “fast boot” mode. Same with the air unit.