Herelink controller sbus out only throttle and HW wheel

Hello, just connected my herelink airunit to autopilot and found one problem
Cube Orange via RC IN connected to airunit SBUS 1 out, but radio input on cube orange show active is only HW Wheel and throttle channel, yaw pitch and roll 1500 ms pwm and not controllable via joystick, calibration on herelink is done correctly, how to fix that?

Are the stick moving in the Herelink Setting App?

Also, there are several calibration for the joystick. Like pre-hardware-calibration calibration (which you move the sticks in 3 patterns), hardware calibration, and sbus calibration.

Have you finished all 3 of them?

Suddenly all sticks started to work after I press reverse button in settings of Herelink system, probably its some kind of bug, because i’m running beta channel.
But I have one more question
I’m have Topotek 3axis gimbal with zoom, and its support sbus signal input to control it, but with herelink system it doesn’t work. Pixhawk cube is working fine with herelink, as well as Topotek gimbal is working dine with standard RC recivers sbus output, such as Frsky XM+ and jumper r8.
So question, seems that sbus out from herelink airunit does not supported by my gimbal, could I some how modify parameters of sbus output from herelink airunit?

You may connect your gimbal to autopilot rather than directly to air unit.

Hi Alvin. @Alvin Looking forward for your help. Please reply me so that I can ask my query.

Hi Alvin. @Alvin

Herelink system has one biig disadvantage, its impossible to remap 1-4 channel, and I don't know why you does not add so simple feature. Because im want to fully control my gimbal with herelink system, and for RC input use my standard RC radio.
Add please so simple and so important feature…

Why would you need me to reply before asking?..why not just raise a new discussion?

You are using it outside it’s designed intended use. 1-4 can be remapped by setting the RC mode.

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Hi @Alvin Can you explain me how to control the gopro hero zoom and other functions through herelink
solex tx ? Like zoom, start recording, take photo, stop recording. Another query is that if I start recording by pressing start record button n solex tx then where the video will be stored ? In my gopro or herelink ? If in herelink, then where is it stored in herelink and where can I found the stored videos of solex tx ?

So there be no issues with autopilot if I reconfigure 1-4 RC channel from Herelink to gimbal pan/tilt and for example 5-9 channel to AETR inputs from radio?
And one more question, could you please tell me what are parameters of sbus out from herelink air unit? I do not exactly know what specific parameters it have, I assume some kind of frequency and inverted/uninverted types…

Please don’t ask your question in other’s discussion…
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If you are using a separate radio for the autopilot control, I’m not sure why this matters?

Can you please draw a diagram of what your intentions are on this?

Hi Philip.

This actually relates to my own issue that is somewhat similar to his concern:
I read in a cubepilot post somewhere that we cant use a separate radio for the autopilot (flight controller) control and the herelink system at the same time or else they will interfere with each other? This doesnt make much sense to me because the herelink unit, as I understand from the post, is transmitting video/autopilot control/gimbal control over 2.4gHz, however I only need the herelink for the video functionality. So my system would be:

Herelink air unit transmitting video signal to my ground system receving it (as well as GPS and other telemetry info that I can view in-flight)

Spektrum PPM output from its receiver into my Cube’s PPM RC-in for autopilot control, as well as 2 PWM signals coming out of my spektrum receiver and into my Ronin S gimbal in order to control the tilt and record start/stop.

So if I understand correctly, I am only transmitting/receiving one of each (one video signal, one control signal) over the 2.4gHz, and NOT two or more of each over the 2.4gHz, so there should be no problem?

I have not flown my huge machine (about 30 pounds total) farther than about… say 30 meters away from me, and have not experienced any sort of interference as of yet, but now I am reluctant to until I can confirm with you that there is no problem using a separate radio for autopilot control and the herelink system for video transmission.

Thank you so much!
Pablo Villa

The spectrum and the herelink operate in a similar frequency, so I think it’s a bad idea.

I would suggest two Herelink controllers so that the gimbal is controlled by one controller, aircraft by the other.

This sounds like an expensive workaround to simply being able to use tilt gimbal control with the back wheel already on the herelink ground controller. What i would much rather do is have the ground controller work as it is intended to, but I get no response from sbus 2 channels 17-32 as I mentioned in a different post.

you just mentioned you want to use two seperate controllers… you can do this on one herelink if you want as well, but thats not what you asked.

The reason I am using a spektrum Tx/Rx for autopilot control and the herelink for video is because Im unable to get gimbal control on the herelink, and it is nearly impossible for me to go back and forth from the herelink to another remote at all to control both gimbal and drone at the same time, so my solution at the moment is all gimbal/drone control on my spektrum Tx since that is working, with the herelink ground controller set up on a tripod a couple feet away from me so I can view the video feed. However, if someone was able to point me in the right direction as to why my sbus2 channels won’t give me any response, then I might be able to get all that control through herelink and not need my other Tx. Hope that makes sense, thank you

lets stick to the one thread… its confusing when you are on two topics…