Herelink Controller Seems to be Interfering with GPS/Compass

Hi all,

I’ve had a persistent issue over the summer and Im hoping someone can shed a little light on it or point out something ive missed. Almost every time I power up the craft (Cube Orange w/ Here 2 GNSS) while I have the Herelink remote in my hand, I get either a 3D FIX arming error or a Bad Compass Health arming error. When I set the controller down some distance away (10 ft or so) and power up the craft, it gets a 3D fix in seconds and the compass has no errors. Interestingly when I check the telem data after getting these arming errors, it shows that I have a stable compass reading and 3D Fix. However the errors persist if I try to arm the copter. Usually I have to power it down, set the remote down a distance away, and then power it up again and let it get a fix before coming near it with the remote.
If anyone has experienced this or has any insight into what could be causing it I would be extremely grateful for any help you can give.


Can you take a picture of your setup, showing how you place the components?

It does sound like some issues with the setup, may be a bad earth somewhere.

Post pics as asked and let’s see how it looks.