Herelink controller temperature rating

What is the recommended operation temperature of the Herelink? We are using Herelink v1.1 (ambient temp around 26c), and we are getting temperature warning from the controller. This is concerning because this is a pretty nice weather and not that hot for summer yet. Anyone else have similar experience?

I got a warning this weekend at about 28c. The next flight it just shut down. I was able to turn it back on and continue with the flight, so that’s good. Trying to find a cooling solution.

The shutting down is concerning, especially at 28c weather. Are you using Herelink v1.1?

No. My Herelink 1.1 freezes long before it gets too warm, but that’s a whole different issue lol. This is a Herelink 1.0. I’m thinking of painting it white and at least mitigate some of the radiant heat from direct sun.

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This is my summer setup moving forward. :frowning:

This will not help. there are mounts on herelink for the fan. Try the fan. I had tons of other problems with these products but once you mount fan it work fine at least no overheat.

Do you mean the airunit fan? Or is there a fan for the controller?