HereLink controller unit powering off during flight

Just a quick update… I contacted our supplier, they contacted the factory, and we received a replacement battery. Replaced and tested today, works great.

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Great news. Just cannot understand how come the factory does not officially find the cause, and the solution.
Many if not all customers may decide to go for more traditional solutions like FRSky or Futaba and Amimon, despite the higher costs.
We carry very expensive payloads, hence we cannot rely on a defective or buggy link.

For the reboot problem cause by wifi hotspot, it seems to be a software problem.
The fix is now under closed testing to make sure it won’t cause any additional issues.


@Alvin Can that fix be implemented in the current stable firmware after you are satisfied with the test results?

I am asking because the latest beta has some open issue so that I cannot use that beta currently.

Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.


It is now in alpha test. The standard procedure is alpha->beta->stable. We can’t release new features straight into stable.

we have a new beta version out, that does resolve a wide range of issues. please give it a shot

Just up in the air for the third time with this new beta. Had 120 minutes flightime so far with no re-boots while streaming. Wow! Thank you @Michael_Oborne

Remaining issue is that on most occasions e.g. after battery change, video does not show up in QGC (and Solex). Only way for me is powering off the air unit and start up again. All related switches in QGC or restart/force stop of QGC do not help. Never had it with stable firmware. Would be great if you could have a look at it. If you need any further input please let me know.

Laggy Telemetry downlink has been solved and QGC Buttons working as well now. :+1:

P.S. Had 3 times QGC stopping but cannot link it to any specific action. I will keep observing this.



can you detail how you change the battery.

ie does the air unit reboot, does the camera reboot. etc


The flight battery is supplying everything. So on battery change the Cube, the Herelink and the Camera do reboot. See scheme attached for reference.



Hi @Michael_Oborne , where can I download this beta?


Hi, first post there describes how to update.

If you already are on beta you can update via OTA for Ground and Air unit to the most recent version.

Thanks., currently we’re not on beta. I Will follow this thread for any issue should arise. Thanks.

Thanks @Sven

any reason you use hdmi2 vs 1? ie on boot the air unit would default to 1, not 2.

@Michael_Oborne It is HDMI 2 due to space restrictions within the canopy.

On stable it was fine using the second input. With Beta it works only on very rare occasions.

You want me to check if the problem disappears with using HDMI 1? However, it would unfortunately not be a final solution for me.


I have tested it with HDMI 1 input and that input works fine. Video came back at all times after battery change etc.

Can you do something to make it as fine when using HDMI 2 input?



the issue is that nothing tells the air unit to swap to hdmi2 on reboot.

ideally you would be using hdmi1 as your primary input. as hdmi will always require something to tell it to change to hdmi2

Ok. I need to re-arrange the air unit then.

The stable firmware version was able to detect video via HDMI 2 on boot without any issues.

Thank you for your feedback anyway. Much appreciated.


We have been experiencing controller reboots after about 10min of operations when using rtsp streaming.

This is absolutely dangerous error conditions and on a feature rather is promoted without amy warnings that this is seemingly a known fault.

Is there a logging facility on the controller to help further diagnose the issue, eg a temperature logger?

We are in 8c weather and the controller is cool to the touch so this is concerning