Herelink Copycat?


I was looking for drone controllers online when I found the Etlas Mobile II. When I found the manual on holybro and looked at the calibration screen, it looked exactly like on the Herelink:

Is this some type of Copycat or Clone?

Thanks in advance

Yes. It is a clone. Quite old and unsupported software in it.
It is the reason that you have to enter a Product ID code into the genuine Herelinks.
When your source of revenue is hardware sales, it does not make a viable business for Michael and Sid to spend thousands of hours writing the code in the Herelink only to have it installed in the clone units.

Thanks for the clarification!

Unfortunately, they have solved exactly our main problem with the Herelink - more turning wheels.

On my question whether we can make our own OEM variant of the herelink we have sadly never received an answer.

I don’t see a question from you on this? May I ask where you asked?

There have been people customising it. Lots of OEMs doing customised things. But really depends.

Be very careful using the clones… random loss of RC link is highly likely, so set your failsafes correctly in Ardupilot.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for your answer - I sent a private message to you. I don’t know if there is an official email for OEM inquiries.

We don’t want to use any clones! We really appreciate the work of the Cube and Herelink!

I’m sorry that I missed that.

Will look for it

Found it and replied