Herelink Crash Report


I have big problems with my ground unit crashing (kernel panic) midflight and on the test bench.
I almost lost an aircraft and I want to understand what has happened, it kept disconnecting midflight after a few minutes after reconnecting. On the test bench the debugger for the tablet(ground unit) showed how this kernel panic crash happens on a regular basis .
The ground unit has the following firmware on it : aru01220804
Air units it doesn’t matter I had an older and newer version, both had same outcome.
Also this is not just one unit that is causing the problems. The tablet freezes after the first or second kernel panic event, then after 5 minutes the rc signal is lost as well.
Is there anything we can do to prevent this kernel panic from happening?
QGC is crashing a bit later than the mission planner ( in MP you can’t even finishing connecting to the aircraft ) .
I have attached the report with an unit on the test bench:
herelink (51.8 KB)
Thanks for the help, if anybody needs more info let me know.

@philip @Michael_Oborne can you help me please? We are trying to understand what went wrong. We don’t want to send to customers products that will fail midflight. Also the unit starts to shut down and restart randomly. I notice that this happens whenever it has sit around 0 min on the bench and you zoom out/in/move the map around in qgc.

Please post a bug report. Instructions are on

we can’t do the bug report as in documentation when the entire unit freezes over or restarts, we managed to get this report by having it connected to a laptop and generate the report on a laptop, do you have any emails that we can send this report? we thought this forum was a customer support forum.

please post the log here