Herelink custom qgroundcontrol app

Maybe you can try to change the name of your customer QGC, then disable the stock QGC in settings.

You need the extra commits in our repo to fit the Herelink hardware. The official QGC don’t naturally work in Herelink.

Hi @Alvin ,

Thanks for the reply.

yes I understand that.

I was able to build this repo -

which was the recommended repo as the base.

I was also able to deploy that to my herelink by changing the name of the app from
AndroidManifest.xml file -

The issue was I was having was that when I run the qgc it crashes - even with the stock qgc disabled.

I am assuming these are the commits -

I saw there are other branches of interest - image

I find that the herelink-v4.0.8 seems to be more active than master. <- but I was not able to build this successfully.

so my question would be - is the current herelink-qgc master still the correct repo?

or would you advice to merge the herelink commits to the main qgc?

or another way?

Please build the latest branch.

Hi @Alvin ,

I was able to build the herelink-v4.0.8

I got some clues on how to set my configurations here -

I was missing this -

I had to manually download and add the gstreamer files and only then I was able to build.

Thanks so much