Herelink does not find wifi

HI Guys,

We have one Herelink that will not find the wifi, it will randomly after a lot of reboots, power downs, coffees it might connect. Our other 2 connect straight away no mater what.

Would anyone have any ideas, all running the latest firmware too.

Thanks very much

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Please set the correct time on the unit that’s not working :wink:.


Thanks MadRC

Just tried that by setting date/time manually, but also didnt fix the wifi connection problem. With the date and time set to automatic the other 2 automatically update with wifi connection.

Anything else we might be able to try? Thanks


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Turn on the device GPS and let it sit outside for 5 mins to get a proper location. Also make sure all the location settings are correct as well in the settings.

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missing wifi happens when you dont select a region on the first setup screen.
just change it to anything then back


Thanks everyone, got it going, Greatly Appreciated, Cheers

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I have location mode: high accuracy. I installed the time/date manually. Still wifi not found. I need wifi that i can upgrade.

Is it a 5ghz network ?

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So you have to factory reset the herelink for Wi-Fi to work again, at least for me, another thing that causes it not to work is when you change IP setting within Herelink settings in my attempt to configure for dual operator following a YouTube video. It states for the Ip address to change you have to restart the herelink, but are not having luck setting up dual operator thus far. and also even after setting ip back to what the default was and restarting the wifi does not find network.

ok what is the solution

Please state how you found a solution? Cheers.