HereLink downgrade


Any option to downgrade the HereLink to the previews version?


unfortunately there is not from my understanding.

why would you want to downgrade . Is there something wrong with the latest update.

because the camera im using now is not working… :frowning:


HDMI signal has nothing to do with Herelink updates.
Also if you see my other posts, i have provided the pins which you can test to verify the ground connections at both cable ends.
Also ensure that you are using only 1080p or 720p resolution with 30fps.
A cheap $7 RasPi with 5MP camera module works flawlessly thro’ a Herelink. telemetry !

well, something is happeninig because after the update the video didnt work anymore. More people is repoprting the same problems with another cameras, like the GoPro 4.

Is this simple, before update video works, after that video didnt work anymore.

Did you try using the HDMI output of an LCD TV or any other alternate source to second verify the issue

I have try with another camera we have and works ok, but the NextVision camera didnt work anymore.

what is the brand name and what is the set resolution.

people want to downgrade because that’s kind of an important feature in all honesty… and yes this last upgrade has sucked completely… hours of issues to fix and now my gopro hereo 4 pilot camera also no longer works… this system is proving to be a toy.

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Resolution: 1280x720 , 720P

can people please post bugreports.

from the air unit… as this is where the camera is plugged in

the frame rate should not be more than 30 fps.

sure! I will, thanks!