Herelink ethernet Devices with App

HI guys!,
we just got an new IP cam with RJ45 out and completable APP for it, we would like to use the Herelink with USB ethernet adapter on the air side and running the app on the ground controller with Specify ip address, but however as what i read on the other topic that the Herelink ethernet Features is only for transparent link when there’s also an USB adapter on the ground controller,
so does the app that runs on the Android system can actually "access " to that network? if it does than can I run it without the USB adapter on the ground controller?


the default config is a transparent link yes, however with the correct IP it is possible to do GCS app to ethernet. you need to use the correct ip range on the camera, to access it over the link use an ip in the range and are already used

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Thanks Michael!

one more question, what kind of USB adapter will Herelink be prefer? I know it can support both AX88179 and RTL8152 but no idea which one is the best and which one is support in the latest firmware?

ive used the rtl8152/53 but have no real preference

ok so ive now tested this and it works

i attached an usb ethernet adapter to the herelink air, pluged in a laptop at the other end of the cable.
assigned the laptop an ip of
and then from the herelink GCS unit i ping, and i get a valid response.

so the traffic path is
herelink gcs > herelink air > usb ethernet > laptop > and reverse

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That’s Great !

I just perches some adapter both AX88179 from green UGREEN and RTL8152B from TOTOLINK
I’ll test mine when the adapter arrives, hopefully will get the same results as you :grinning:
BTW do you provide external 5v to the OTG part while testing? thanks!
i use something like this

I just had a go at this and am please to report that it works great.

I moved the camera to I could then connect to the RTSP stream with QGC on the here-link and also the interface on the laptop via direct pass-through.

The stream is noticeably more laggy on QGC than the laptop, I guess that is a QGC issue rather than a herelink one tho. To the point where I wouldn’t want to be flying of the QGC stream, you could just about fly off the laptop. Need the laptop in any-case to be able to point the camera about through its web interface.

I did also try to access the stream via the herelink hotspot but had no luck.

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depends on what url you used. ie you could actually be pulling the same video stream across the link twice. this is why “video sharing” is an option, to prevent this when using normal herelink video. but when using an external camera this needs to be considered

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Thanks Michael!

We been using the 192.168.144 for quite a while now and it’s working great for our IP cam!
but is it possible to broadcast the 192.168.144.XXX address though wifi hotspots like the video sharing feature on Herelink Ground?
Cuz some time we wanted to able to connect to a bigger screen wirelessly for the audience and at the same time the pilot can still look at the screen on the controller for FPV flying