Herelink Ethernet Streaming Issues

I have been working with both a Nextvision Trip 6 and a Voxl 2 with Herelink 1.1 integrations with ethernet video streaming and I am having issues with the video streams, both have a very slow video feed of about 1 frame every 5 seconds. This is with two different controllers and air units.
The Nextvision trip 6 is a UDP stream, and the Voxl 2 is a RTSP stream. I also have used a SIYI S10 gimbal with the Ethernet stream and that one has a good feed with low latency and a high framerate.

Any ideas on what could cause the frames to stall out like this? Resolution? Bitrate?

Nicholas Hansen

For the VOXL 2 the stream cleared up when using the SIYI FPV ground control application, I am going to try that with the trip 6 next.
Link to crosspost on modal ai forum Voxl 2 and Herelink Slow Video stream | ModalAI Forum

SIYI Fpv also solved the issues with the nextvision trip 6 stream so I think its possibly an issue with the qground control we have installed on those remotes