HereLink external switch/pot module


I have a PTZ camera on a Cube quad, and it’s a pain in the proverbial area that sits on a chair.
The zoom needs a neutral-mid channel to work properly, and it’s hard to achieve and control without a proper 3POS switch. I tried with a combination of two short-presses and a long-press, and it’s very uncomfortable. Pitch has its wheel, REC has its button and between the iffy 2-key combination for zoom and 2 keys for flight-modes, I’m left without control for camera pan.

Is there a way to introduce a module - let’s say an ESP32 - sporting some classic pots or sliders and 2-3-POS switches, to the HereLink environment !?

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I’ll run it by the team, if it could connect via USBOTG, then I don’t see any reason why not.


I think an on-screen joystick for gimbal control would be a nice solution.

Even better would be a way to be able to assign a button to toggle one hardware joystick between flight control and gimbal control. I think in most gimbal situations you anyways only do simple x/y movements with the craft.


I would also be very interested in a peripheral to add additional channels


I don’t exactly know how to proper handle it.
Best choice would be attaching a mainstream joystick or gamepad USB device with an OTG cable, until I can build the custom circuit off a STM32 dev board.
Gonna need some developer help into mapping the USB device outputs towards, say Ch 9-`16 in the SBUS stream.




Very interested in this topic too!!!
We use two herelinks in our team and the RC/HDVideo link is the best you can get today. But the lack of physical controls (even on the screen) is driving us crazy…

A usb joystick via OTG should be an excellent addition.



The first addition here coming soon, is the ability to use a second HereLink controller for gimbal


That’s the easy $800 way out.

Can we wiggle something out of a $10 STM32F1 dev board and an additional $10 in pots and switches !? :smiley: Unless you add some some target-tracking capabilities on the gimbal-control 2-nd unit to justify the extra $$$…


A second controller is not $800


Hacking is encouraged obviously… but never confuse a hacking parts price list with the cost of goods sold.


Something similar to what DJI did for the M600 RC with the channel expander kit would be ideal.

I can really see people being interested if it can be done over USB and give some pots and physical switches.

Another option that would have been cool/nice would have been PPM or SBUS in via the USB so you could connected a standard RC as slave and map the functionally.