hereLink feedback

I have been using the hereLink in my helicopter testing and thought I would give a little feedback. For a point of reference I am using it with a here3 GPS, and a cube orange on the ADS-B board. First I will say that I REALLY like it and strongly recommend the system to friends. I have found the system to do everything that it says it will which is quite nice. And of course support in the forum is really good which is greatly appreciated!
However, I have found a few areas that I think could be better (at least for my applications). The first is the throttle which does not ratchet and springs to the center. I understand that this is ideal for most multicopters, but having a ratcheting throttle is very helpful for a lot of stuff I do. I have seen the posts on how to modify the system so I know that it can be changed. But native support would be appreciated. My second thing (and much bigger issue) is a lack of a switch. The buttons work as described, but plenty of things are much easier and even safer with a switch. For example, throttle hold on a helicopter or setting a switch to enable a governor is tough with just buttons. Having a switch that you can look at the position and know the state is far superior/safer to a software enabled button that can be in any state. So I do hope that having a switch or 2 is on the roadmap and I think nearly everyone would benefit from this.

Thanks again for all the support and keep up the great work because I am loving your products!