Herelink, find the actual firmware version?

Before updating my herelink if necessary, I would like to check the firmware version already installed, but I can’t find where to check that ?
Can you help me please ?

It’s under the main settings and update

Thanks for your help, but I can’t find what you call “main settings” ? and no “update”, I only found the android version and kernel …

Are you talking about that ?
Idon’t have the “systeme updates” above the “status” !
probably because I don’t have Solex installed …

Chances are your on 0.2.2. I would strongly advice you upgrade to the latest beta but please check some of the changes first.

ok I have update ground and air units, now I’m on BRU01200523 version, is that the lastest beta ?

Yes you all upto date

ok thanks