Herelink Firmware Release v0.2.2

Please find minor firmware update release here:

How may I check which firmware is already installed?


yes, would like to know that too :slight_smile:

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So when is the new firmware available. I own a herelink since januari 2019. I think it’s getting time i can use it properly . Due of the many problems i had , i didn’t trust to use it. I see on facebook other people are already using it. I’m usually a very patient person but after 15 months waiting i really need the system for starting my business. I already invested a lot of money in your products.

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@philip Is there anyway to get this firmware release with directions on how to install it on to a Herelink? The new release with Solex Tx lacks some critical functionalities that my company was using on the previous QGroundControl software. The QGroundControl app is now less capable as well. Both of these apps have more bugs than the previous release and I don’t believe they are something we can release to our customers.

What functionality is missing?
QGC has been updated to current QGC.

As we mentioned this is a beta release, so please let us know of any issues, and we can sort them out

I am currently the Head of Operations at Vision Aerial. Vision Aerial is a UAS manufacturer and we have been getting a great response from switching over to the Herelink as our main transmitter. We are fully immersed in the ProfiCNC ecosystem with all of our systems shipping with a Pixhawk 2.1, Herelink, and Here GPS module (Optionally a Here+ RTK system). Our largest customer has been sold on the previous QGroundControl variant of the Herelink.

The most recent update has added SolexTX as another option for a customer to select as a ground control software which is something we do not want them to use or access for streamlining customer service and training reasons. Previously the home button, regardless of what software you are using, when pressed brings you back to QGroundControl. This button now does nothing, which is an awkward thing to try to explain to a customer. The button settings have been changed so that you can no longer Toggle/Momentary any of them. I cannot set servo values anymore. The CAM button is no longer recognized by QGroundControl. The button menu highlights buttons 0-4 when they are pressed. Button 4 never gets highlighted regardless of which button is pressed and the CAM button doesn’t highlight any of them. So my assumption is that button 4 is supposed to be attached to the CAM button.

Before we order anymore Herelinks we need a way to revert them back to the firmware before SolexTX was added or for these issues to be resolved. I tried to revert our test Herelink before those webpages were taken down but the links were dead when I tried. If there is any way to get the firmware with instructions on installing it, please let me know.

This version of the setup is not final, as I mentioned on the release announcement, it’s the first Beta of our new system.

In the works is the new button configuration tool, and I believe this will address all your button related concerns.

In regards to QGC, and having a default startup to QGC rather than the launcher, this will also be configurable.

If you would like anything specific done for your customers, we can offer customisations so that it will always behave as you have set it up, and when updates arrive in the future, these customisations can be locked to your customers units if you enter an OEM agreement with us.

Feel free to DM me if you would like a call on this matter

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Just to make sure it isn’t overlooked. A DM has been sent out.

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