Herelink Flight Mode warning issues

Hi, I am using the HereLink (latest stable version) for a unmanned boat (ArduRover V4.0.0) and gets some annoying warnings regarding flight modes as i turn on the device.

Mode switching works fine, but still gets a warning message: "Flight mode change failed message”.When I open the message it says:

“Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with or you firmware has a bug in it. Missing params: -1:FLTMODE6,-1:FLTMODE5,-1:FLTMODE4,-1:FLTMODE3,-1:FLTMODE2,-1:FLTMODE1”

The flight modes have been set up correctly as far as I know. I have my desired modes set up for the buttons as displayed in attached the image. Those button settings also corresponds to my parameters.

How can I solves this warning issue? and potentially fix the issue with the Flight Mode Tab, which can’t be used for anything currently?

Best regards,

You are micing up two things. If you use QGC to configure the buttons a/b/c/d and home QGC sends Mavlink commands to change the flight mode.
On the other hand, traditionally Arducopter uses different PWM vaues on channel 5 to switch the flight mode.
The way to go is to deactivate the flight node channel in Arducopter, use one button as SBUS channel and configure this channel in Arducopter as Fail safe channel.
Then use QGC to switch the flight mode via Mavlink.
You need to remember that only the failsafe option is available if QGC stops working.