Herelink flight telemetry data in QGC....GPS Sats, Heading, Artificial Horizon, Altitude...etc. numbers are frozen and do not work after after changing drone batteries

Hey guys.

I am using the Herelink Controller with a Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set (black cube).

Everything works fine when I turn the Herelink on, open QGC and plug my drone battery in. I get all flight information numbers including heading, gps sats, altitude…etc… and go fly. When I land to change the batteries and plug in a new set of batteries all the flight data info is frozen from the previous flight and will not work. The only way I can get the flight information numbers to pop back up and work is to close the QGC app and reopen it and then it they all work. There has to be a way I can change that besides closing the app and reopening.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Anyone, please?


Thank you.

Hey! QGC should reconnect automatically again if you have setup auto-connect. But there are some limitations with respect to Ardupilot/px4(I would say the whole eco-system since smart batteries are not used widely) which wont reset the battery percentage & other battery related parameters. So it is suggested to reconnect again once battery is replaced.

You can go to comm links and reconnect instead of closing the app.

Ok, thank you for your reply.

I understand not getting the battery information to reboot, but what about gps sats, heading, altitude, ect.?

The Herelink will connect and fly my drone, but I am not getting the telemetry data to come back up and is frozen from the previous flight? Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Thank you.

It should just reconnect, can you post a video so we can see.

Thank you @MadRC.

Raining here today, but hopefully tomorrow.


Here is a short video showing what is going on. I am inside a small warehouse…raining outside, but after change of batteries the telemetry data will not come back (frozen from when I unplugged) and the only way it will work is to close the app and to reopen it, but that is time consuming. I can fly it and get my video stream, but everything else is frozen. Just trying to understand if there is a setting for this or something that might be updated in the future or not?

Thank you, all.

Hmm let me look at this on my end. Are you on the latest Beta firmware BTW ? The one released yesterday.

Thank you @MadRC.

I did do the update this morning, but it was doing it before today.


Any update? Thank you.

I had major problems with QGC when using a Pixhawk 2.4.8 with a faulty IMU. After changing it for a mRo x2.1 777 there was no freezing ever again.

Thank you, but I do not think it has anything to do with the IMU.



I found this below and it is exactly what I am experiencing. I see that @philip said it would be fixed with a update, but I am not sure that it has or will be. Is this just the way it is on QGC so I can understand? I realize the battery info will not work, but the flight time, gps sats, artificial hoorizon…etc…
Telemetry Data freezing

I have checked mine last night and it’s all fine. All telemetry reconnects as expected.

This seems to be related to hardware imo, system wise reconnection on reboot or battery change is working as expected for me with all data starting again.

I’d bee looking Mavlink and settings First.

Are you using Mavlink 2 ?


Hi David,

We have the exact same problem with frozen telemetry data after battery swap. Could you resolve it?

Setup: Quad, Herelink, Cube Orange, QGC on Herelink. Herelink Firmware Version “with Solex“.



Hi all,
we are having the same troubles. Everything is fine at the first flight, after the battery replace the system works but all the telemetry data are frozen. Only way to solve this is to close the QGC app and relaunch it.
Setup: Quad, Herelink, Cube Black, QGC, all latest versions.
Thank you,

We figured out that you can at least save yourself having to restart the QGC App:

Once the flight battery is disconnected, QGC shows a button on the top right in the status bar named „DISCONNECT“.

If you push that before you plug in the new flight battery, QGC regains normal connection including all telemetry after flight battery is plugged in.


Even with latest firmwares there a no improvements