Herelink&Futaba multiple receiver

Hello. I’m using herekelink. But I want to connect futaba receiver to the same pilot. I want to switch between the two when I want. Anyone have an idea for this? Or has anyone used it this way?

I’m not quite understand what you are asking
Do you mean:
you want to pair your futaba receiver to Herelink controller
you want to have 2 receiver for UAV redundancy

I want to have 2 different receivers. to control with two different remotes.
But is the other option you mentioned also possible? Can futaba receiver be paired with Herelink controller?

It is possible to make your autopilot have 2 receivers for UAV redundancy ,it depends on what firmware and flight controller you are using.
You can check this
But if you want to pair the futaba receiver with Herelink controller, from my understanding, herelink controller can only pair to its ariunit.

Got it. Thanks man.