Herelink ground side multiple inflight crash and reboots, A/C Failsafes


Just been test flying basic quad on 0.22.

Gopro 3+ black plugged into Herelink Airside. 1080p 60fps video.

After a few minutes of flight, ground side crashes, aircraft failsafes and RTLs, ground side reboots, take off again and the crash/failsafe/rtl/reboot cycle starts again.

Limited testing with no Gopro plugged has been unable to reproduce.




Same setup, 720p 60fps 60minutes flight time without failure.


Enabling video stream as per results in the same behaviour, ground side crashes and gets into boot loop (in 720p 60fps)


That’s strange, and we are not able to reproduce this.
Can you please RMA your unit? Please link this thread in your RMA request.


Will do.

Ive just been setting a machine up on the bench with it powered on for two hours, and it just did it with no video on (although it seems to take much longer).

Maybe it has something to do with processor load…

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Unit is on the way back to Hex,

For troubleshooting, and documenting the failure modes, prior to shipping it also locked up on boot, hanging at the Pinecone loading screen. Sat there for 10min until held power and home and it hard rebooted and behaved normally again.