Herelink ground unit heats+screen frozen


I am having problems with my herelink groundstation. I had the screen frozen curing flight and during downloading the parameters. the Groundstation and airunit was upgraded according to the manual (NOT BETA). The frozen screen is followed by a HEATING point in the left down corner of the screen, I have set the ABCD buttons as flight modes and you need to press twice 1 second apart. This happens without any video link so far.
MAJOR PROBLEM IS MISSION PLANNER 9 out of 10 tries it had the frozen screen that i COULD RESTART BY HOLDING DOWN THE POWER BUTTON FOR 30 seconds.
Why is this happening? it’s a big problem if the screen freezes during flight!!!

This sounds like something is overheating. What temperatures are you testing in - and is the air unit enclosed in a fuselage?

I’m having a similar issue with my new Herelink 1.1. My old V1 has no issue, but the 1.1 does some funny (not funny) stuff. One, it shuts down for no reason. Ambient temp is 20c and the CPU is upwards of 75. Also, the hotspot tethering drops. When I try to turn it back on, the button is greyed out and there’s a generic error message.

I just finished up some testing using a V1.1 airunit connected to a Orange Cube. My V1.1 transmitter on the latest stable is heating 10 to 15c hotter than the V1.0 TX running the latest Beta. Could this be the problem? I’d like to try switching the 1.1 TX to Beta, but can’t figure out how lol.

kernel panic error. it’s the tablet