Herelink has almost 2 seconds lag

I have a GoPro Hero 7 camera. With almost 2 seconds lag, video with Herelink is useless. Do I have a faulty unit, or is this really how it is supposed to be?

Which app are you using? Can you try another one, regardless which one are you using now?

I am using the Qgroundcontrol app that was already installed

2s of delay is not normal. It should be around 110ms and even shorter in Solex.
You may try if Solex also delay that much. If yes, try to reflash the firmware on both controller and air unit.

It’s the Hero 7’s stabilization processing that is creating the latency.

You won’t be able to use a Hero 7 with stabilization on if using for FPV. For filming. I’d recommend a Firefly Q6 for FPV and the Hero 7 for recording.