Herelink hdmi 1 damaged does hdmi2 still work

I don’t how it damaged please suggest me if hdmi1 damaged most probably by over voltage hdmi2 still works??? Please help me out.

It’s hard to tell. You have to try it yourself.
HDMI1 and 2 are not connected together. There are chances that one of the port remains functional.

Thanks Alvin

The led 1 is yellow steady not changing it’s color. No video is coming can any on suggest me what might be the issue and does there any settings used for hdmi2 using as primary.


You can get the HDMI status from air unit LED

I think you are not getting HDMI signals on air unit. Can you confirm your camera is compatible? Have you tested it before the air unit was damaged?

He said hdmi2 is still working, so do you need to ask such that?
Bad support for a such expensive device
Let support him how to set hdmi2 for starting default?

There is no steady red light is there. Only steady yellow is there how can I set hdmi2 as default yes @Banme_RC @Alvin

I through he is asking “if HDMI2 still works” as a question, not a statement? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Assume you have confirmed the camera you are using works with Herelink, before HDMI1 damaged. Now it is not even working on HDMI2, then HDMI2 may have damaged too.

Assume you have not, confirm whether you have set your camera output 720p@60fps or 1080p@30/60fps. The easiest way to verify Herelink HDMI is to have a computer as video source, because this would work in most of the time.

As far as I know there is no way to swap HDMI1 and 2 in the app interface, unless to modify it in the source code. The stream option stay as same as the last configuration. So if you stay in Stream2 every time, Stream2(HDMI2) will be default.

Yes it was working with the camera with hdmi1 previously(tarot pepper t10x) 1080p@60.

Then HDMI2 may have been damaged as well. You may ask for RMA from your local distributor

Yes @Alvin please check once this picture can you tell me what’s happening

After this all video is not coming

Can you generate a bug report on air unit?

hello @Alvin Please check this (814.9 KB)

This is a controller unit bug report. Can you generate an air unit bug report as well?

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Hello @Alvin Please check this out (312.0 KB)

We have reviewed this bug report but can’t see much.

You needs to plug in cameras etc, let it run. Then do the bug report.

The point is to re-create and let the error happened before/when making the bug report

sorry for the delay @Alvin please check this out (395.1 KB)