Herelink HDMI Doesn't work with a Gremsy S1 Gimbal

I can’t get a video feed from a Sony A6500 through my Gremsy S1 to my Herelink system.

I can plug the camera to the Gremsy’s HDMI passthru (quick release) and get video to my Atomos monitor every single time.

I can’t get it to work with my Herelink under any circumstances other than running a long cable directly from the A6500 to the Herelink air unit (not what I want for the long run).

What do I need to do?

Have you tried using a different cable from the HDWI QUICK-RELEASE to the Herelink?
BTW how well does the A6500 fit in the S1?

Yes, several.

It fits perfectly

when you get the logs, please post them here

Did you get this solved?

Not yet. I haven’t had time to get back around to it.

No, I was told that it will not work through the Gremsy S1 due to some sort of HDMI-interrupt in the quick release mechanism.

I’ve read that the Pixy U works without issue with respect to HDMI through quick release.

I ended up getting aS1V3 and using a A6300 the Herelink HDMI works fine.

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Through the Gremsy S1V3’s quick release?

Yes. No problem.

I just tested it and can’t get it to work. I was also told that it wouldn’t work with the Herelink.

What camera are you using and what settings?


Sony A6300, MP4, 1080/25p 16m. I had it on shutter but I don’t think that makes any difference?

What brand cables are you using between A6300/Gremsy and Gremsy/Herelink air unit?

@Tan_Ph_m @Tan_Pham

I used the HDMI cable that came with my Pixy U between the A6300 and the gimbal and as I have the S1V3 on a test stand I used a long ribbon cable from the S1V3 quick release mount to the Herelink.