Herelink HDMI video input

I recently noticed some issues with Herelink not picking up HDMI (1280x720p@60fps) video input. The video shows perfectly well on any display I connect to it and works through another digital HD video link. It would be nice if the lower quality 720p video formats could be handled by Herelink even if they are not ideal or only temporary.

Ps: changing the 1080p setting under ‘video stream’ doesn’t fix the issue.

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Which camera? We have not tested all possible camera types.

same problem I noticed. I tried with gopro here4 camera and another gimbal camera. But if i select 720p video resolution on camera, HERELINK doesnt stream video signal. There is a strange problem. How can i resolve this ?
if i select 1080p, i can get video.
thank you…