Herelink Hold Issue

I tested the Herelink with Hold in Planning, But I can’t get the stability, the drone stays between 30 - 120 second, although I give it 1 second…
Any idea please

Yeah, me too. I am running Ardrucopter 4.0.3 and when I change the time of the hold in QGC for a waypoint to say 1 second it does not change and the copter will sit for 15-20 seconds and then move to the next waypoint. Any ideas?


Hi David
I fixed it. I’m not sure how but I pluged Pixhawk to my PC via USB then I see the WPNAV Radius it changed 900 cm. I changed this parameter then I tested flight plan with my Herelink and I saw it the issue fixed. Maybe stuped but fix

I don’t think this problem has anything to do with Herelink but is Ardupilot or QGC related.