Herelink How To Update Firmware

Note:On later Herelink versions your key will be located on the box, for earlier Herelink versions you should contact your original reseller to obtain a valid licence key.

How to get a 16 digit software activation key?

Not listed on the box.

You answered yourself : Contact your reseller, he would be able to provide a key.

Cannot be used because there is no reply from the reseller.

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If your reseller doesn’t respond, contact Hex

Thank you. I will contact Hex once.

Who is your reseller?

The reseller may be off. I’ll wait a little longer.

Thanks guys. It was successfully resolved.


Have Herelink system purchased Oct 2019, Key # required for update is not on box.
Contacted reseller, radio silence, I started update and I’m now stuck waiting for Key code.
If no response from reseller what are options to acquire Key code to finish up date.
Box has SN # and another number with bar code.
Appreciate any assistance

@Michael_Oborne can you help with this one.

Which reseller? And what numbers do you have?

Good Day
Reseller has sent key code, waiting for solid wifi to finalize upgrade…MTF
Many Thanks

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